Our products undergoes stringent safety assessment before hitting the market. All our formulas include highest quality ingredients. The ingredients are thoroughly reviewed against current scientific literature as well as strict global regulations to ensure their safety, efficacy and compliance for topical application. Our products are formulated with as few ingredients as possible to aid efficacy and function of the products and at the same time avoid any potential irritation.


Most of our products are developed with sensitive skin types in mind. We recommend a patch test before starting any new skincare regimen. To patch test, apply a small amount of the product on the lower jaw. Wait 1-2 minutes before proceeding. If any redness, irritation or swelling develops, please discontinue use of the product


Our products do not contain any animal derivative.


We never test on our beloved animals.


All our products are fragrance / essential oils free.


Kindly refer to individual products for more details.


Since natural is not synonymous to ‘safe’ and synthetic to ‘unsafe’, therefore, we never take into account whether something is synthetic or natural rather we formulate with ingredients that maintain skin’s natural integrity and are biocompatible and sustainably sourced (wherever possible).